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If you are overwhelmed with the stresses of parenting, you have come to the right place! Let’s face it, parenting can be hard sometimes as we battle to balance the demands of taking care of our children and taking care of ourselves too.

Aida Maravillas


As the parent of a nine-year-old as well as two young adult daughters and as a high school social worker, I am here to offer you perspective, hope, and encouragement for the challenges that you may face on your parenting journey.

I am far from being a perfect parent, but I have learned that when we face challenges within a community, we are less likely to feel alone through those difficult times. Finding the right place to turn for support can be challenging because some of our struggles with our children are sensitive and the privacy and integrity of our children can be hard to preserve if we turn to the wrong places. I have learned that when we face challenges together, we are less likely to feel alone through those challenging times, even if the purpose of being a part of a community is to listen to the stories of others.

The most important thing that has carried me through some challenging situations has been my faith as well as finding moments to build relationships with other parents.

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